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Reflexology Therapy



The ionic technique of cleansing through the feet along with salt water solution provides a full-body purge of all vital organs.


  • Purging of heavy metals.

  • A more balanced pH level.

  • Reducing inflammation.

  • Purging of yeast.

  • Detoxifying the liver.

  • Internal cleansing with full-body purge.

  • Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing.

  • Enhancing the immune system.

Aromatherapy Oil



According to Earth Clinic Folk Remedies, castor oil, when applied externally, increases circulation and promotes elimination and healing to the organs and tissues under the skin.


It is used to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, decrease pain, increase lymph circulation and detoxify the liver. In most cases, the use of castor oil is not recommended in pregnancy, menstruation or breastfeeding, so be sure to consult with your health care provider before trying this natural remedy.

Shoulder Massage

Breast detoxing


Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. 


Dry body brushing energizes the body, increases circulation and blood flow, and stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system to smooth skin's surface, sweep away flakes and dry 

patches, and even out lumps and bumps, including cellulite.

Bath Salts and Oils


(with the mother)

This clump of acidic bacteria is known as “mother of vinegar” and it sort of resembles a small disc or clump floating at the top of your ACV. Although it looks gross, it is actually a good sign! It shows that your apple cider vinegar is of the highest quality. It also has numerous health benefits, both for the feet and your digestive system. Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) can protect against bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microbes, so putting it into a foot soak could have potential benefits for the feet 


  • Soothe sore feet muscles.

  • Get rid of the bad feet odor. 

  • Relieve pain from minor sunburn.

  • Heal dry skin.

  • Get rid of toenail fungus.

  • Remove warts.

  • Get rid of cracked heels.

Herbal Medicine



Vaginal Steaming is a gentle, seated herbal steam that allows warmth and healing properties of soothing and medicinal herbs to permeate the exterior of the vagina and perineum.


Herbal “V” Steams are an ancient self-care therapy commonly practiced in Korea and Central + South America for centuries; handed down by midwives, traditional healers, and wise women to support women’s overall health by caring for the womb. 

The treatments are used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus, effectively reducing discomfort associated with menstruation, helping with fertility and relieving the discomforts of menopause.


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